Experience luxury and class in our units just how you want it.


We give priority to you and every penny. Bring us your budget.


With luxury within a budget, keen attention is given to strenghts of our units.


Homes of Net is a company that focuses on providing quality and luxurious housing units to clients at affordable rates. We are easy to work with and we meet more than your expectations.

Our Mission & Vision

Our Mission

To provide durable and affordable housing units that are unique, luxurious and eco-friendly while giving clients the absolute satisfaction they deserve.

Our Vision

To become a leading Real Estate Company in Ghana with the best client experience with growth through the design, construction and sale of distinctive eco-friendly housing units that are affordable and luxurious while conforming to the Ghana Building Code.

Our Services


We collaborate with the best architects to design ultramodern units. We take the design through all the necessary proccesses to determine its feasibility and time boundness among others.


We construct our luxury homes with standard materials to ensure the durability we seek to achieve. We build from our designs and get contracted to build as well, that is, after taking the provided design through a series of tests and processes.


We also set up units that are semi or fully furnished and on sale. These homes are standard, durable and luxurious and will adsolutely fit your taste.


These are some of our works and services we can offer.